11 January, 2022

Matson Logistics is on Course for 40% Year-Over-Year Growth with LOG-NET

By Derek Traver

Web Developer

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Matson Logistics is a premium supply chain solutions provider in the trans-pacific trade.  The cater to customers requiring service integrity and advanced value added services.  

  • Enable the Matson brand to have world class visibility and order management capabilities.
  • Need to support multiple clients of multiple sizes and complexity.
  • Need for integration with multiple customer ERP
  • Need for integration with multiple partner systems
  • Simple configuration so Matson team members are empowered to deploy new customers themselves
  • Enable Robotic Process Automation to ease manual support requirements
  • Implementation of LOG-NET flexible interfaces enabling Matson integration team to deploy EDI and API integrations.
  • LOG-NET scalable platform adding multiple customers with a common operational model.
  • Enabled new automated low cost services through automatic process like ISF submissions.


“We really love the ability for our team to configure the system, reports and output without needing programming.”