LOG-NET Carbon Calculator

In our efforts to support better understandings of how logistics and international supply chains impact the carbon load in the world LOG-NET has developed one of the most sophisticated multi-modal carbon calculation tools in the world. We provide a free public version to enable a better understanding of how the type of transportation and routing of goods can impact the carbon and green house gas emissions developed by moving those goods. In most instances the routing that provides the optimal cost and transit can also minimize the the amount of carbon and green house gas generated in moving goods to markets around the world. We have also provided an educational page to enable a deeper understanding of the factors that most significantly impact the generation of green house gases in a global supply chain.

LOG-NET Bulk Carbon Assessment and Report

LOG-NET provides a for fee service to load and rate movements across multiple modes of transport. This service can calculate carbon load factors for shipments being managed in the LOG-NET platform or analyzed and rated from spreadsheet uploads of various movements.