Company History

LOG-NET was founded twenty five years ago with a mission to provide the world's finest solutions for the international trade, transportation and logistics industries. Throughout our history our passion has been on our customer's needs and understanding and engineering the best solutions in the world for these challenges. This focus has enabled us to work with some of the greatest companies in the world and provide continuous innovation that has yielded the most comprehensive platform in the world of global commerce.

Our team has always focused on combining deep industry know how with a voracious desire to learn our customer needs and the latest technology. Our engineering skills have enabled us to pioneer many of the industries firsts. From DOS based green screens through windows and the internet LOG-NET has lead the industry in technology application. Our machine learning and dynamic allocation are pioneering process based solutions that deliver rapid value to our customers. Our innovative heritage is enabled by constantly evaluating the deepest areas of technology so that our investments in future solutions are the right technology solutions for our customers and their challenges. Our focus on solid fundamental engineering has enabled us to correctly navigate a constantly changing technology and process landscape.

Today more than any other time we dedicate ourselves to our customers. We commit to providing the engineering and world class logistics knowledge to earn their investment in our products and services. Our goal is to simplify bringing you the world.