LOG-NET releases Version 7.5 with Predictive Execution and Big Data Views

SAAS Supply Chain Logistics Platform upgrade advances state of the art integrating Predictive Analytics with Execution and Advanced Data Views

Leading Supply Chain and Logistics Software As A Service (SAAS) provider LOG-NET, Inc. today announced the general availability to customers of LOG-NET version 7.5. The new release advances the state of the art in the logistics and supply chain markets with what the company calls “Real Time Predictive Execution.” With predictive execution advanced statistical analysis is performed on real time data feeds from thousands of suppliers and logistics partners. This analysis constantly evaluates the end-to-end state of global supply chains alerting and modifying execution plans and actions for optimal results. The version 7.5 platform leverages its unprecedented visibility and analytics with advance big data views that provide new levels of ease of use to mine, view and analyze large sets of real time event, cost and routing data. Big Data Views added in this release make it easier for end users to harness the tremendous amount of supply chain visibility information captured in the LOG-NET cloud.

“LOG-NET’s integration of Predictive Analytics with Supply Chain Execution and Big Data is a truly ground-breaking innovation,” noted John Motley, CEO and Founder of LOG-NET, Inc. “LOG-NET 7.5 represents one of the most technically significant achievements in LOG-NET’s history. The demand for real time Predictive Execution is extremely high with our customers. They need as much certainty and visibility as possible due to high velocity multi-channel distribution moving globally through labor, civil and natural disruptions around the world. Also, our new Big Data Views are a major wow factor giving users unprecedented drag and drop ability to sift through their data.”

LOG-NET’s version 7.5 is a Supply Chain System of Engagement sporting the latest capabilities in user and trading partner interaction via the cloud. The LOG-NET e-control tower is able to analyze and route goods through multiple modes and tiers of distribution. Rating and routing engines support all modes of transportation. The visibility cloud actively manages hundreds of forwarders, carriers, distribution centers, transloading and delivery partners. Suppliers are seamlessly integrated with advanced notifications, predictive alerting, interactive negotiation of purchase orders and transport orders. LOG-NET automated back-office documentation reduces costs for supplier and logistics provider operations with direct links to US Customs and Census for Electronic Export Information (EEI), Importer Security Filing (ISF) and Automated Manifest System (AMS) filing.