LOG-NET Releases Carbon Calculator Tool for Sustainable Global Supply Chains

New tool allows the calculation of the carbon footprint of international intermodal freight movements

LOG-NET, Inc. , the leading provider of on-demand end-to-end supply chain solutions, today announced the availability of its Carbon Calculator, an innovative web-based tool to calculate the carbon dioxide emissions of international intermodal freight movements.

“Existing online tools are focused on single transport modes, with calculations based on broad industry averages,” stated John Motley, LOG-NET's CEO. LOG-NET's new tool, available at http://www.log-net.com/sustainability/, allows users to calculate CO2 emissions for complex intermodal freight movements, consisting of rail, motor, ocean, and air segments. “LOG-NET's Carbon Calculator is the only tool that provides end-to-end visibility of the carbon footprint across the entire supply chain,” Motley stated.

“Our new tool puts sophisticated CO2 emission calculation logic in the hands of users worldwide, and provides an intuitive, graphical interface to make it easy to use,” says Jonathan O'Keeffe, LOG-NET's Chief Technology Officer. O'Keeffe added that there are many factors that impact the amount of CO2 generated by the movement of a container of goods or an air shipment. Factors such as route, mode, time spent in port, and size of the vessel each have significant impacts on the amount of CO2 generated. LOG-NET's tool is designed to let users investigate the impact of changes of these various factors. For example, the emissions generated by a movement of cargo from China shipped through the Port of Seattle to an interior point in the US can be compared to the emissions from the same movement through the Port of Savannah.

Motley said that LOG-NET plans additional product offerings to help companies better understand how to reduce their carbon emissions in international trade. “Our aim is to provide a full suite of tools for detailed, accurate measurement of sustainability metrics across the entire supply chain,“ Motley said.